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After-sale service

Teamoty Brane Inc. offers an after-sale service to all its customers. If you have any concerns just ask us and our experts will provide comprehensive advice and help. At any time convenient to you we are ready:

  1. To update your site's design and contents
  2. To integrate into your site a E-commerce system
  3. To insert new virtual tours, illustrating your business' development
  4. To provide free consultation on your business' expansion on the Web.

On this page you can find answers to frequently asked questions regarding virtual tours. You can also learn more about navigating inside virtual tours and find some examples designed previously for different businesses.


First you have to wait until the first panorama has been completely downloaded. It will take from 2 to 3 minutes, depending on the speed of your modem. After this initial time you will not have to wait quite so long since the program will load the neighboring panorama while you still view the previous one. Now you must position the mouse cursor in the panorama's viewing window. By moving the cursor towards the window's edges, you can initiate the scrolling of a panorama left to right, up or down. If you want to view any image segment in detail, simply point at the desired segment with the cursor, press the mouse right button and move the cursor from top to bottom. This will activate the zoom-in function and a magnifier icon will appear.

A reversed cursor movement with the left mouse button depressed will deactivate the zoom function. There is also a similar option to zoom map segments. Inside a panorama you will see different pop-up pointers. The animated arrow will show you how to move on within the virtual tour. By clicking on it you will pass to the next panorama. The arrow on the attached map will show you your line of sight and possible directions for further movement. Being guided by a map you will never get lost, even in a strange city!

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