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One of our projects is the software and hardware ULYSSES system. It makes the fast creation of all-round panoramas for their presentation in the Web possible. The ULYSSES system is extremely comprehensive and can operate interactively. The program's application for virtual tour creation considerably advances the sales of the products advertised, since it allows detailed viewing of photographs, figures, three-dimensional and panoramic images all with great accuracy and at high resolution. Price catalogues of goods and services, photographs and figures, illustrations of warehouses and the items offered, real estate indexes with every item's detailed presentation - our software can handle it all. It is indispensable for advertisers of wholesale, for retail firms and for tour agencies. It can be used in the publishing business or for demonstration and promotion in medical research and indeed much, much more.


Another software product, the Web-Site-Store Generator, can demonstrate the Web-technologies implementation. It is designed for generation of Web-sites with Internet stores.

Traffic Reporting systems

The Traffic system is used to account corporate Internet-traffic in an Intranet. The Work Time system monitors working time in an Intranet.

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