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JSC Teamoty Brane Inc. is a company, specializing in Web-technology. The team, constituting the company’s backbone, was organized in November 1999. At personnel selection we were bearing in mind three lines of development:

  • establishing of a scientific group of innovative software engineering with to work in the field of image cognition and processing;
  • development of the multipurpose Web-shop generator project;
  •  establishing of a Web-design studio to implement the results, obtained by the a) and b) groups.

The company staffs now over 30 employees. The company has been developed hitherto in full compliance with the prior formulated scientific, administrative and financial plans. Hereupon some positive results in all three lines have been gained. One of the major achievements was the company’s integrity, when a success of one division is positively correlated to others’ achievements.

We are regarding now extension of scientific, designing and commercial activities in the field of computer aided image cognition and processing. One of the results of the group, working at that topic, was the development of a unique ULYSSES integrated system. This product enables automatic creation of scalable panorama image sets, which can be published in Internet or recorded on a CD. Within the framework of the project the company develops and prepares for sale a full set of ready-to-use client and server applications together with necessary devices. Using all above, a virtual travel over any 3-dimensional object can be automatically created from a predetermined image sequence. Such a virtual tour permits a viewer to change his position in the «virtual space», viewing an object from different viewpoints. It results in full presence and movement simulation.

The growing market’s interest to new facilities of Internet activated the manufacturers’ efforts in this field. The existing software products could be subdivided as follows:

  1. Image pasting programs (Cool 360, Panorama factory), which allow «joining» a panorama from a set of images. A viewing tool (JAVA applet) is usually included.
  2. Systems, creating hot spots on previously pasted panoramas (Hot media).
  3. Integrated software systems, permitting to create panoramas as well as furnish them with hot spots (Quick Time, MGI).
  4. Systems, creating tours, using certain devices (package made by the IPIX company).

The advantage of ULYSSES over the rivals’ products is a possibility to create not only panoramas but extended tours. It is achieved by means of special equipment (the Travel Maker device) and by software architecture. (It must be noted, that the engagement of an original orientation scheme, using maps and plans, and of a specially designed device is essential for the process.) The employment of ULYSSES implies an entire tour as a product unit, compared to a single panorama by competitors. This decreases dramatically the production time, even if a mixed tour is the case, for example when a viewer, walking around the town, can visit a museum and view its exposition. The above product’s features determine its eventual commercial application spheres. Those may be real estate market, travel business, medicine, and pharmacology, museums and exhibitions, electronic retail business, on-line and off-line presentations of all kinds of business. Medical and pharmacological applications are of special interest, since the described technology makes possible to take virtual tours inside hollow organs, observing their anatomical peculiarities, as well as treatment results.

An active market approach, referring to domestic and international markets, is currently impossible for Teamoty Brane Inc. without external investments. The invested funds should be used to fulfil three groups of tasks: improvement of the company itself, updating of the existing ULYSSES’ version together with creation of new ones, marketing measures.

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