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FAQ in english

Q: I have been in travel business already for five years but have never occurred to look in the Web. Why do I need it?

A: Last autumn one of our colleagues booked a hotel room in one of resorts using the hotel's site. Talking with the hotel's manager, he heard surprising figures - 92% of guests booked their rooms in the same way. Already in the nearest future the services sector will be shifted to the Web. So don't be late.

Q:Our travel agency is already presented in the Web. We have our own site, but still no one customer has yet booked a tour through it. Our site is rather our business card, which is practically useless from in terms of trading.

A:This is the very problem our company is established to solve. We are ready to do two things for you: а. to help with your site's boosting in such a manner, that maximum potential clients should know you, and b. to insert into your site things, which will surely capture a visitor's attention, namely - virtual tours, imitating real journeys and permitting your prospective customers to make a right choice in a right moment.

Q:We have heard, that services of companies like yours are very expensive. Is it right?

A:Yes and not. It must be noted first, that a team of brightest coders and experts of other professions have created the software products, being our know-how. So the labour costs are quite high to local scale, although considerably lower than abroad. For example, a complex site of an American tour operator may cost some tens thousand dollars. In our case the price will be by an order of magnitude lower.

Q:My tour agency specializes in leisure tours to Cyprus. We are in close cooperation with three hotels. How much will a tour over those hotels cost? We would also like to include into our site a virtual tour over the town of Paphos and the local beach view.

A:Let us calculate. Suppose that you wish to present three room types in each hotel, three restaurants, three halls, the main street in Paphos and the most attractive beach. Suppose also that in every above object we need to shoot three panoramas, allowing the visitor to take a virtual tour with detailed view of the most interesting places ( hotel buildings, restaurant menus etc). The total cost of virtual tours for your tour agency site will amount USD 5500. Note, that the costs of our cameraman's trip to Paphos are included too.

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