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About Us

Mission of Company

  1. The creation and transfer of a full spectrum of hi-tech software and services intended for use within the internet to the client and subsiquent support.
  2. By working with our clients in both the internet and with our own software products we aim to enable both you and us to grow together.

Company Overview

Teamoty Brane Inc. is a producer of original software for serial image processing. The images are intended for PC-aided viewing and presented in the form of virtual tours. Our products are primarily designed for Web-presentations and serve to enhance the business potential of corporate customers. Our software provides our clients with a unique opportunity to present their products and services in a most comprehensive manner, not restricted by conventional photographic functionality.

We are offering diverse business solutions, which include sequential steps to the creation of the virtual tour.One can create such a tour for any three-dimensional area such as workshops, factories and buildings for sale, small shops or picture galleries, etc. Using our software it is possible to create specially processed images, to merge a photographic series into a panorama with associated maps and plans, and to edit the images and fuse them together. It also allows the user to provide the panorama with a sound track, create a slide-show, set-up links to neighboring sites and much more. It's professional development makes our software multi-purpose and multi-functional.

It should be noted that our team's expertise is not confined to the development of serial image processing within the framework of the "Ulysses" project. We also work in other fields, including creative Web-design, seamless integration of Client and Server applications into Web-sites, development of special software for Virtual Stores creation, net solutions for project management and more.

Our company's headquarters are in Nizhy Novgorod. A sales office for our software's distribution and Web-project center, are also situated here.

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