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Q: I have been in travel business already for five years but have never occurred to look in the Web. Why do I need it?

A: Last autumn one of our colleagues booked a hotel room in one of resorts using the hotel's site. Talking with the hotel's manager, he heard surprising figures - 92% of guests booked their rooms in the same way. Already in the nearest future the services sector will be shifted to the Web. So don't be late.

Q:Our travel agency is already presented in the Web. We have our own site, but still no one customer has yet booked a tour through it. Our site is rather our business card, which is practically useless from in terms of trading.

A:This is the very problem our company is established to solve. We are ready to do two things for you: а. to help with your site's boosting in such a manner, that maximum potential clients should know you, and b. to insert into your site things, which will surely capture a visitor's attention, namely - virtual tours, imitating real journeys and permitting your prospective customers to make a right choice in a right moment.

Q:We have heard, that services of companies like yours are very expensive. Is it right?

A:Yes and not. It must be noted first, that a team of brightest coders and experts of other professions have created the software products, being our know-how. So the labour costs are quite high to local scale, although considerably lower than abroad. For example, a complex site of an American tour operator may cost some tens thousand dollars. In our case the price will be by an order of magnitude lower.

Q:My tour agency specializes in leisure tours to Cyprus. We are in close cooperation with three hotels. How much will a tour over those hotels cost? We would also like to include into our site a virtual tour over the town of Paphos and the local beach view.

A:Let us calculate. Suppose that you wish to present three room types in each hotel, three restaurants, three halls, the main street in Paphos and the most attractive beach. Suppose also that in every above object we need to shoot three panoramas, allowing the visitor to take a virtual tour with detailed view of the most interesting places ( hotel buildings, restaurant menus etc). The total cost of virtual tours for your tour agency site will amount USD 5500. Note, that the costs of our cameraman's trip to Paphos are included too.



Web - design

A team of gifted designers is working with Teamoty Brane Inc. Their work meets all the requirements of our demanding clients. On the right hand side of this page you can find some examples of our work. Click on a article name and you will get a zoomed image. By clicking on the buttons on the right hand side you can browse our portfolio.


Teamoty Markets

We can find the optimum for you no matter what kind of business you are in. Visitors on-line where your site will be displayed will get the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the goods or services you sell. That will allow your customers to make their choices without leaving their homes.

Real Estate

Tour We consider that the trade in real estate property is the true bonanza of the Web-business. The advantages of virtual tours are most clear, especially when compared to other realtor's methods. The prospective buyer of a flat or a house will make their choice faster after a virtual tour of the property.

Tourism and Travel

Why are virtual tours needed in the travel business? Firstly, and most importantly: tour operators can see the advantages of virtual tours due to their comprehensibility, simplicity, expressiveness and thus their ability to boost business. Secondly: the use of virtual tours is extremely time and money efficient both for tour operators and for their customers. A prospective customer can take a virtual tour of a destination any time, by day or by night, all year round.

There is need to leaf through brochures and booklets with your customers again and again. Now you can devote more time to service and the improvement of professional skills. Furthermore, the convenience of guiding a customer who has come to your office but has not yet made their final choice yet through possible tours on the office computer is apparent. Both the simplicity of virtual tours and the seller's professional skills will produce excellent results.

Transportation (Vehicles and transportation services)

Tour Car dealers, both new and used, as well as transport agencies and shipping companies will receive a powerful tool for sales increases if they choose our products. A prospective customer will be able to choose a car while indoors. To prove this we suggest you take a virtual tour of a new car's passenger compartment.


Tour Every shopkeeper wants the maximum number of customers to visit their shop. For them the Internet provides an excellent opportunity to maximize their potential. We will integrate a virtual tour of your shop into your site and provide it with detailed descriptions of the fastest selling goods. Thus your customers will be able to take a look around your shop at any time of the year! Find here an example of a virtual tour of a fashion house.


Tour Every manufacturer takes pride in their business and would be happy to show their achievements to the whole world. Therefore the idea of displaying a virtual tour of the factory or workshop may seem attractive. A prospective buyer of any product be it a tractor or a jewel, on seeing how the finished article originated from a piece of metal or a chunk of rock, would doubtless want to buy. Take a tour of a sample tools department.


Tour One of the most effective methods of using virtual tours is through both on-line and off-line presentations. The introduction of virtual tours into standard presentations makes them more informative, interesting and helpful for access to information on the markets of most products and services. You can examine the sample Internet-presentation about the use of virtual tours on tourist's market here.


The virtual tour's applicability to your business is unlimited. The only things that are important are your imagination and our expertise. Together we can create the right impact for your business on the Web



After-sale service

Teamoty Brane Inc. offers an after-sale service to all its customers. If you have any concerns just ask us and our experts will provide comprehensive advice and help. At any time convenient to you we are ready:

  1. To update your site's design and contents
  2. To integrate into your site a E-commerce system
  3. To insert new virtual tours, illustrating your business' development
  4. To provide free consultation on your business' expansion on the Web.

On this page you can find answers to frequently asked questions regarding virtual tours. You can also learn more about navigating inside virtual tours and find some examples designed previously for different businesses.


First you have to wait until the first panorama has been completely downloaded. It will take from 2 to 3 minutes, depending on the speed of your modem. After this initial time you will not have to wait quite so long since the program will load the neighboring panorama while you still view the previous one. Now you must position the mouse cursor in the panorama's viewing window. By moving the cursor towards the window's edges, you can initiate the scrolling of a panorama left to right, up or down. If you want to view any image segment in detail, simply point at the desired segment with the cursor, press the mouse right button and move the cursor from top to bottom. This will activate the zoom-in function and a magnifier icon will appear.

A reversed cursor movement with the left mouse button depressed will deactivate the zoom function. There is also a similar option to zoom map segments. Inside a panorama you will see different pop-up pointers. The animated arrow will show you how to move on within the virtual tour. By clicking on it you will pass to the next panorama. The arrow on the attached map will show you your line of sight and possible directions for further movement. Being guided by a map you will never get lost, even in a strange city!


Press Room Eng

JSC Teamoty Brane Inc. is a company, specializing in Web-technology. The team, constituting the company’s backbone, was organized in November 1999. At personnel selection we were bearing in mind three lines of development:

  • establishing of a scientific group of innovative software engineering with to work in the field of image cognition and processing;
  • development of the multipurpose Web-shop generator project;
  •  establishing of a Web-design studio to implement the results, obtained by the a) and b) groups.

The company staffs now over 30 employees. The company has been developed hitherto in full compliance with the prior formulated scientific, administrative and financial plans. Hereupon some positive results in all three lines have been gained. One of the major achievements was the company’s integrity, when a success of one division is positively correlated to others’ achievements.

We are regarding now extension of scientific, designing and commercial activities in the field of computer aided image cognition and processing. One of the results of the group, working at that topic, was the development of a unique ULYSSES integrated system. This product enables automatic creation of scalable panorama image sets, which can be published in Internet or recorded on a CD. Within the framework of the project the company develops and prepares for sale a full set of ready-to-use client and server applications together with necessary devices. Using all above, a virtual travel over any 3-dimensional object can be automatically created from a predetermined image sequence. Such a virtual tour permits a viewer to change his position in the «virtual space», viewing an object from different viewpoints. It results in full presence and movement simulation.

The growing market’s interest to new facilities of Internet activated the manufacturers’ efforts in this field. The existing software products could be subdivided as follows:

  1. Image pasting programs (Cool 360, Panorama factory), which allow «joining» a panorama from a set of images. A viewing tool (JAVA applet) is usually included.
  2. Systems, creating hot spots on previously pasted panoramas (Hot media).
  3. Integrated software systems, permitting to create panoramas as well as furnish them with hot spots (Quick Time, MGI).
  4. Systems, creating tours, using certain devices (package made by the IPIX company).

The advantage of ULYSSES over the rivals’ products is a possibility to create not only panoramas but extended tours. It is achieved by means of special equipment (the Travel Maker device) and by software architecture. (It must be noted, that the engagement of an original orientation scheme, using maps and plans, and of a specially designed device is essential for the process.) The employment of ULYSSES implies an entire tour as a product unit, compared to a single panorama by competitors. This decreases dramatically the production time, even if a mixed tour is the case, for example when a viewer, walking around the town, can visit a museum and view its exposition. The above product’s features determine its eventual commercial application spheres. Those may be real estate market, travel business, medicine, and pharmacology, museums and exhibitions, electronic retail business, on-line and off-line presentations of all kinds of business. Medical and pharmacological applications are of special interest, since the described technology makes possible to take virtual tours inside hollow organs, observing their anatomical peculiarities, as well as treatment results.

An active market approach, referring to domestic and international markets, is currently impossible for Teamoty Brane Inc. without external investments. The invested funds should be used to fulfil three groups of tasks: improvement of the company itself, updating of the existing ULYSSES’ version together with creation of new ones, marketing measures.




One of our projects is the software and hardware ULYSSES system. It makes the fast creation of all-round panoramas for their presentation in the Web possible. The ULYSSES system is extremely comprehensive and can operate interactively. The program's application for virtual tour creation considerably advances the sales of the products advertised, since it allows detailed viewing of photographs, figures, three-dimensional and panoramic images all with great accuracy and at high resolution. Price catalogues of goods and services, photographs and figures, illustrations of warehouses and the items offered, real estate indexes with every item's detailed presentation - our software can handle it all. It is indispensable for advertisers of wholesale, for retail firms and for tour agencies. It can be used in the publishing business or for demonstration and promotion in medical research and indeed much, much more.


Another software product, the Web-Site-Store Generator, can demonstrate the Web-technologies implementation. It is designed for generation of Web-sites with Internet stores.

Traffic Reporting systems

The Traffic system is used to account corporate Internet-traffic in an Intranet. The Work Time system monitors working time in an Intranet.


About Us

Mission of Company

  1. The creation and transfer of a full spectrum of hi-tech software and services intended for use within the internet to the client and subsiquent support.
  2. By working with our clients in both the internet and with our own software products we aim to enable both you and us to grow together.

Company Overview

Teamoty Brane Inc. is a producer of original software for serial image processing. The images are intended for PC-aided viewing and presented in the form of virtual tours. Our products are primarily designed for Web-presentations and serve to enhance the business potential of corporate customers. Our software provides our clients with a unique opportunity to present their products and services in a most comprehensive manner, not restricted by conventional photographic functionality.

We are offering diverse business solutions, which include sequential steps to the creation of the virtual tour.One can create such a tour for any three-dimensional area such as workshops, factories and buildings for sale, small shops or picture galleries, etc. Using our software it is possible to create specially processed images, to merge a photographic series into a panorama with associated maps and plans, and to edit the images and fuse them together. It also allows the user to provide the panorama with a sound track, create a slide-show, set-up links to neighboring sites and much more. It's professional development makes our software multi-purpose and multi-functional.

It should be noted that our team's expertise is not confined to the development of serial image processing within the framework of the "Ulysses" project. We also work in other fields, including creative Web-design, seamless integration of Client and Server applications into Web-sites, development of special software for Virtual Stores creation, net solutions for project management and more.

Our company's headquarters are in Nizhy Novgorod. A sales office for our software's distribution and Web-project center, are also situated here.